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D.A. was founded on October 4th 2012 on D.A. was built on a different means of approaching the Disney verse. Heavily inspired by Kingdom Hearts, our group is set up with different worlds connected to each other within one universe. Our point system is a mix of what we call pixie dust and mick-coins which our members trade to unlock worlds,roles and trade for pixie dust to do such things or personalized forum themes and in the future, even real life items such as movies, clothing, plushies and more. DA was moved to aniroleplay in October 2013 and now nearly 5 years later D.A. has a new proboards forum home. So though we have root sites on and DA is primarily a forum based group now!

What's the point of this rpg when there are other Disney rpgs?

Well to answer this silly question we will ask you this question; Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

Don't understand the significance? Let us break it down for you. First off it isn't a serious question, it is more something to get those gears moving.

Aren’t all RPGs similar? We all have great ideas some mimic others some manage to get the same ideas and some inspire others. More specifically, why is Diverse Allegory different from other rpgs? Or rather how...Well DA holds some similarities with all rpgs when you think about it. We have a Member of the Month, activity checks, movie nights, and group chatzys. We update our page and have promotions just like any other site. However, we have so much more that makes us special. First off DA is an rpg based on activity, it thrives when members are active and because of their participation, not only in actual roleplaying with other members but, by taking part in activities and events. The Members hold the possibilities on when and how the group grows by unlocking roles and worlds for others to join in. This is part of what makes us unique, our Point System and it’s rewards as well as the way one gets points. We have contests, games, activities, treasure hunts, parties and celebrations and so much more. To add to it with the addition of our new forum, we've implemented a secondary point system. This second system consists of member awarded "coins" for participation in forum games and challenges. However these coins, unlike pixie dust, can be traded for pixie dust and given time, real life tradable items such as DVDs, plushies, throws, clothing, ect.. Not only that if you ask some of our members what DA means to them they’ll tell you exactly what is clearly visible from the outside. The ties that bind us all together. Majority of our members feel like DA isn’t just a group it’s a family, we all look out for one another, support each other, and defend one another. Some of our members stayed proud DA members in the group’s two year absence and anticipated its guaranteed return. We never intended it but with the group's activities and events it just happened and our members have made that clear to us that in our attempt to make a community we've created a home. DA has been open since October 2012 and we’ve been going strong ever since, just like any other place we hit snags during the holiday’s but the atmosphere this group radiates will always draw the family back in. But don’t take for word about it, it's one thing for owners to "hype" up their site, it's another when it's confirmed by it's members. So why not take a look around? You may find yourself falling into a world of magic.

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Diverse Allegory is a non-profit group. It is in no way in affiliation with the Disney Company,
Pixar, Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox, Ghibli, or any other film &/or Broadcasting Company whose films may be portrayed here.
We do not hold any claim over pre-licensed material.
All rights to the companies whom hold ownership, trademark, and copyrights of any materials used.
Coding created by Merida of DA.
Diverse Allegory is licensed under creative commons non-commercial noderivs.

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